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Adult Classes

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Dentokan Goju Ryu Karate

Our adult Goju Ryu karate classes are very popular! Our lineage follows the direct line from Nakamoto Ki'ichi Hanshi in Okinawa, the last surviving student of Miyagi Sensei.

Nakamoto Sensei is still teaching today at the Okinawa-kan, Okinawa City, Japan.  ​

Our Goju Ryu classes are perfect for any adult looking to try a traditional martial art that includes stand up fighting, grappling, ground-work, padwork and kata training.

TRK Ladies Kickboxing Class

Our ladies only classes are friendly classes suitable for all abilities from 13+yrs.

We teach kickboxing and self defense in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. We specialise in helping you gain confidence, increase your strength, teach you new skills and increase your fitness.

As a happy coincidence you will also make loads of friends in no time!


TRK Mixed Kickboxing Class

Our mixed adult classes are for both men and women from age 13+yrs. We will help you to learn new skills, increase your confidence, improve your fitness and increase your strength.

We will push you further each week, which means you’ll be hurtling towards your personal fitness goals in no time.

The classes are for all abilities so you will only work within your capabilities.

Adults Martial Arts: Classes

What Our Students Say

Adults Martial Arts: Testimonials

As an adult, starting Karate as a beginner was a bit daunting (having never done anything remotely similar before) but Sensei Sean makes everyone feel welcome, included and understands everyone is at different levels.


Sean is amazing. His passion shines through. Kickboxing has been a wonderful challenge for me getting me fit and slimmer too! I love how fantastic I feel after each session. My daughter does it with me too now and it's lovely quality time with her, which is a bonus. The atmosphere in the club is very supportive and all the girls have their own goals. I love it!


Why didn't I do this sooner! Having wanted to do a martial art for years, but always being put off by thoughts of not being strong enough, not fit enough and having to go alone, I finally grew a pair 4 months ago! Sean has built a great environment to learn and thrive and enjoy it! Everyone is really friendly from day 1 and I was surprised about the huge mix of people in ages and physical and fitness abilities.


An expertly run Dojo where the sensei really strives to make you gain confidence and achieve the best in your self, but also the club themselves are extremely friendly and able to give pointers when needed.
During lockdown, we had multiple ways in being able to train from our homes which really helped with our mental health/sanity.


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